Epidural Pulsed RF

Epidural Pulsed RF

Treat neuropathic pain with Pulsed RF using the Voyager Electrode

Explore the steerable, Temperature-sensing Injection Electrode for bipolar Epidural Pulsed RF

Treat Neuropathic Pain

The Voyager is a Bipolar Multifunctional Epidural Electrocather with a steerable active tip, designed to perform bipolar pulsed radiofrequency in neural structures in the epidural space (spinal nerves, dorsal nerve roots and the respective posterior dorsal ganglia) and pharmacological treatments.
The electrocatheter is either inserted through an introducer needle into the epidural space via the hiatus sacral channel or from a extraforaminal way.


Product Features

  • Epidural placement of the flexible electrode shaft using x-ray imaging
  • Steerable catheter for exact placement in the epidural space
  • Stimulation guidance with integral generator connection
  • X-ray contrast injection and aspiration with integral injection tube
  • Temperature-controlled Pulsed RF
  • The catheter can be connected to various radiofrequency generators (Baylis/Avanos, Cosman, Diros (OWL), Neurotherm, TherMedico)


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