NEW: Trident™ RF Cannulae

NEW: Trident™ RF Cannulae


  • Quicker placement: perpendicular approach
  • Larger focused lesion, minimizing collateral damage
  • User can inject when tines are deployed or retracted
  • Less X-ray exposure
  • Small diameter cannula that produces a lesion with a large base
  • Quicker patient recovery time
  • Longer lasting pain relief

Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae allow the user to limit the approach to a nerve such as the medial branch to a single step, perpendicular approach, very much the same as a anesthetic block of this nerve, resulting in quicker placement, less x-ray exposure, and greatly reducing procedure time. Once the TridentTM Cannula’s tip has reached the nerve, 3 tines are easily deployed from the tip by simple manipulation of the handle. The tine configuration is pyramid-like, resulting in a similar pyramid shaped lesion whose large base encompasses the nerve.


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